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Name:Dr Sheldon Cooper
'I am Doctor Sheldon Cooper; BS, MS, MA, Phd, and SCD.

OMG, right?'

* * *

Sheldon is twenty-seven years old when he enters the bar, which means it's been thirteen years since he graduated college. Don't let his statement of qualifications put you off - he didn't mention the second PhD, there. Granted, you'll only need to hang out with him for about five minutes before he'll bring it up, but by then you'll have got the idea anyway.

He has a beautiful mind. He knows he has a beautiful mind, and will advertise the size of his IQ ("cannot be measured by standard testing") at any given opportunity. If you're not a fan of 'interesting' trivia, maybe you'd better avoid him. Same if you're germy. Or scary. Or he thinks you're stupid. Sheldon gets sad about how stupid other people are, and it makes him cry. He'd rather you didn't sit in his spot, or challenge his idea of how great he is or...challenge him at all, actually. He's on a career path that includes a Nobel Prize, and having several towns named after him, you see. Nothing else really matters.

He's a theoretical physicist based in Pasadena, California and shares an apartment with his colleague and best friend, Leonard Hofstadter (also a Doctor, but not a 'real' physicist seeing as he's Experimental rather than Theoretical). He says he favours no human contact or interaction, but in truth he's kind of lost without his friends, though they do try lose him on occasion. He has no interest whatsoever in a) anything that bores him, b) anything outside of his favoured activities, and c) sex. He has nothing but contempt for most people, the social sciences, sport, the uneducated, the unfocused, the untidy, the 'normal' get the idea.

His role model is Mr. Spock. Yes, from Star Trek. Sheldon dreams of finding out that he is actually an alien/robot/artificial life form. Or failing that, Vulcan.

To be honest, he'd make a very good Vulcan. Not even a half-one, like his idol.

It's never explicitly stated whether Sheldon has any diagnosed affliction, though Leonard does make a joke about his Asperger's on one occasion. There is no mention of OCD, though he displays every symptom of it. All we know for sure is that he is not crazy, because his mother had him tested. He definitely lacks humility, and empathy, and has no understanding of sarcasm, though he constantly tries to notice it. He has only a tenuous grasp of societal laws in relation to himself - he's been known to break and enter buildings, pick locks, disarm alarm systems - and Homeland Security calls his mother when he hacks government computers. But hey, if you're upset, you'll get a hot beverage! His mother taught him to do that, and social conventions absolutely must be observed (they are Not Optional). He may not understand them, but he tries to keep abreast of what's the norm. And while he is often insensitive, there's a humanity to him that can't be buried, no matter how hard he tries. He's not really cold. He's just...different. He doesn't understand what your face says. He is literal to a fault. And if you hit on him, he won't even notice.

He has an eidetic memory. He will remember what you say. Everything you say.

Physically, he stands at 6'2. His hairsytle does not change. There's no fat on him, and a bit more muscle that his lifestyle should really support. His Texan accent is pronounced, his taste in clothes is...geeky, there's no other word for it. Batman T-shirts, Spiderman briefs and slacks are the order of the day. He is scrupulously clean and neat at all times.

And he can't drive. At all. His beautiful mind is 'just too evolved'.

Seriously. Don't let him in a car.

I mean it.

Sheldon Cooper is from The Big Bang Theory, and is the property of CBS, Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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