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For the easily offended pup:

Sheldon has no tact whatsoever, but he's not really malicious. It's simply that he's a genius, and probably has some form of Asperger's - he only really has empathy that he's been taught, he's very bad at reading facial cues and he doesn't really understand why people get upset when he is unfailingly honest. Which isn't to say that people always understand, and forgive him - his friends get mad at him all the time. He's used to being called on things when he gets them wrong. So if your pup is likely to get upset at having their deficiences pointed out/their problems ignored then...tag or not as you see fit! Please keep in mind that Sheldon's views are not that of the mun.  

For the fangeek in Sheldon/the physics genius bit:

I am not a physics genius. At all. So I'll do my best with what the show provides, and outside research but please take it as given that ALL MISTAKES ARE MINE. Sheldon does not get everything right when he's researching the unknown, but things all ready written, he knows. If you don't want tags to take an hour while I Google information, it might be better not to engage him in complex math that he could answer in a flash, but I don't understand even a little bit.

All that aside, this is probably the main point of this post - Sheldon is a sci-fi/comic book/fantasy geek. He also has an eidetic memory. He watches anime/films/TV shows, he plays video games and card games and World of short, he knows far more about your canon than I do. I will do my best! (He doesn't seem to read many books that are not for science, so I might be on safer ground there.) Please forgive OOC communications if I need to clarify something with you on things I haven't seen, but he will have. 

Even more importantly - if anyone tags his EP from a canon he's familiar with, we may run into trouble. Obviously, someone's first entrance into the bar is weird as it is. If he gets tagged with, for example, someone from Star Trek, or Harry Potter, or one of the DC/Marvel crew, then his first instinct will to be all over the 'actor' - he won't know about canon puncturing, and he won't have a clue that what he's saying isn't 'done' - and until someone points out to him that canon-puncturing isn't 'done', he's likely to just blurt things out. So please keep that in mind if you feel like tagging! He'll be fairly dumbstruck at first anyway, so hopefully any mishaps can be headed off at the pass. And once someone tells him it's a social convention to keep his mouth shut about such thigns, he'll be fine. Obviously, pre-canon punctured pups would be fine, just drop me a note here to say it's OK for him to run his mouth.

And to end, then; please consider this the place to come for OOC communication, now or in the future. There are so many people Sheldon would love to meet - hopefully, when he's learned that these are the actual characters, and not their actors, then things will be fine. But at first, some caution should be exercised.

Thank you!


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