Date: 2012-04-07 02:57 am (UTC)
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I've been thinking this over for a couple days now. While on a personal level I can roll with canon-puncturing, I don't know that it would be the best thing for Sam if it happened. For one thing, he's in from before his first canon appearance (although his appearance here is covered in some stuff that came out post-BSG being aired. Sheldon would probably know about The Plan even if you don't). BUT. I am trying to avoid having Sam get spoiled for the events of the series, and canon-puncturing him would be a really spectacular way of spoiling him not only for the events of the series, but also for everything else.

That all out here in the open, I am always willing to discuss things with you before (or during) a thread if you want to; I like to work through things organically as they come up. The other thing is this: if you are planning on working Sheldon through canon, you can always feel free to have him mistake Sam for David Underhill if you ever get to that part of Season Two. Or earlier, since Sheldon at least knows of Dr. Dave, or whatever you want!

Bottom line: I feel pretty much the same as Starbuck's player, that Sam wouldn't take kindly to being told he's fictional and having someone else know all about him, with the exception that in his world he was famous and people knew a lot about him. So I'm not much help, but talk to me if it comes to that. It will all be good and all be fun.
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